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CYcle Chic in Vitória with Mikael Colville-Andersen

Today I decided I will post in English but I promise that the next post will be in Portuguese!
Thanks to Dora Alves, a famous bicycle stylist in Vitória, Mikael Colville-Andersen visited Vitória this week-end.

Mikael coined the term "Cycle Chic" wich turns bicycle into the "ultimate fashion accessory" as observed by the Guardian in an online article of 2008. Since then the cycle chic movement is growing very fast.

Wikipedia article shows us that Mikael is well a photographer, a bicycle advocate and an urbanist. He also started the Copenhaguize blog which already reached more than 2 millions visitors and is now visited by more than 2 thousands peoples per day! Mikael is the CEO of the "consultancy company Copenhagenize Consulting, which advises cities, towns and organisations about how to design and implement bicycle infrastructure and much more"...
 Mikael is very active in the world bicycle community and is promoting an exhbition The Good City - Visions for a City on the Move that will start a world tour in Copenhagen on 8th june 2012. That would be great if it can stop in Vitória too! Let see what we can try for that to happen!

Mikael recently launched the book "Cycle Chic". The Vix Cycle Blog points us to an online link where the book can be acquired.

Saiu também na imprensa:

CBN Vitória

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